What is Surfpacking?

What is Surfpacking?

Surfpacking is backpacking with the intention of surfing somewhere along your route. The same range of skills and gear are required as wilderness or travel backpacking, plus your surf gear. The goal of a Surfpacking Mission is to explore the waves, the wild, and the world.

  • Where can you Surfpack?

Technically, wherever there is swell, coastal access, and room for a tent. However, wild and undeveloped coastlines with good swell angles are ideal. Always remember to Leave No Trace.


  • What do you need?

Same gear you’d take backpacking: shelter, sleep system, cook kit, hydration, etc… As well as all the surf gear you need: board, wetsuit, booties, fins, leash, etc…

Gear list of everything in the picture above:

7-Day Packing List:

Backpack: SurfPack 60L

Surf Gear: 6’6” Shortboard w/Fins & Leash, 5/4 Wetsuit w/Hood & Booties, Bar of Wax w/Comb

Sleep System: 1 Person 3 Season Tent, 30 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad & Pillow

Cooking & Water System: Stove + Extra Fuel Canister, 3L Water Bladder w/Hose 2L, Water Bladder w/Filter, 1L Water Bottle, 2 Lighters,

Food: Bear Vault 500, 21 Dehydrated Meals, 10 Granola Bars, 10 Jerky Bars, 10 Stinger Waffles, 10 Almond Butter Packets, 10 Servings of Recovery Drink, 25 Electrolyte Tablets, 10 Packets of Hot Sauce.

Clothes: Synthetic Puffy Jacket, Long Underwear, Sleeping Shirt, Wool Sleeping Socks, Sarong, Trucker Hat, Shades, Buff, Long Sleeve Shirt, Boardshorts, Hiking Boots, Wool Socks, and Trekking Poles.

Electronics: Sony Handycam + Extra Battery, GoPro + Extra 2 Batteries, 2 Battery Bricks, iPhone, Garmin InReach, and a Watch.

  • Who can SurfPack?

Surfers, bodyboarders, kiteboarders, wakeboarders, divers, travelers, handicapped, watermen & waterwomen.


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